AFAC’s Founder. Chicago’s Shero.

Meet Candice.

She is Chicago’s very own Residential Redeveloper. She is the Queen of Fix-and-Flip homes, and you can find her properties all over the South Side. Her background covers, but is not limited to, marketing and designing newly renovated homes, building versatile rental portfolios, showing clients how to build wealth through real estate and, now, impacting the streets of Chicago by helping to alleviate homelessness. Owner of 5th Group Realty and Blu Box Homes, she is now utilizing her entrepreneurial gifts for a new purpose ⏤ creating a more permanent solution for the homeless, whom she refers to as her neighborhood friends.

We have the power to alleviate homelessness, and we’re doing something about it.


I want to create sleeping quarters for Chicago’s forgotten beloved ones ⏤ somewhere safe and comfortable, a community within a community. I want to help my neighborhood friends get off the street, provide them temporary residential solutions they can call home, and place them in job-readiness programs, while they await their very own apartment to become available.

– Candice Payne

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