Est. 2019

Action for a Cause

An initiative to help displaced people who are homeless.

Our Mission in Chicago

Here at Action for a Cause, our mission is to help the patrons of our city who have fallen on hard times and become homeless — by providing them the opportunity to transition back into society, and helping them find their way back to living a productive and fulfilling life. 

How are we able to get them off the streets of Chicago?

We provide them with housing by purchasing and rehabbing properties around the city. Not only do we offer our fellow Chicagoans shelter but we also provide them with access to services that teach them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, starting a business, and credit education.

Our goal isn’t just to provide them with a home but to also help them return to society as assets to the economic growth of our city.

Advocates for the homeless

We are eager to provide temporary & permanent housing to as many homeless people living on our Chicago streets.

We provide our displaced neighbors with:


Temporary shelter


Permanent housing


Nutritious Meals




Credit Repair

Career & Credit Education and Training

At Action For A Cause, we believe the cornerstone of financial security is personal finance education and career preparation training. We are happy to offer the following classes:

Credit 101

Building Healthy Credit

Managing Your Credit

Entrepreneurship 101

Understanding Your Credit Report

Creating a Budget 101

Identity Theft Prevention

Job Readiness Fresh Start

Ways you can give back.

Give a Smoothie

Purchase a healthy and nutritious organic juice or smoothie for Chicago’s homeless community.

Make a Donation

We appreciate any amount of donations —  nothing is too small and every dollar helps to support our mission.

Donate a Cold-Pressed Juice

Purchase an organic cold-pressed juice for someone in Chicago’s homeless community.

Our Founder

Meet the shero behind the cause.

Spread the word

Know someone living on the streets?